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Aquarium Maintenance

Maintaining your tank is essential for the health of your aquatic life and the continued over-all beauty of the aquarium.  With Aquarius Aquarium's maintenance service packages your tank will always be sparkling and your fish will always be healthy for as long as we care for them.    

When you hire us to maintain your aquarium we will:
  • Thoroughly clean the tank
  • Weekly, biweekly, monthly or single events services are avialiable
  • Check the health of the livestock
  • Maintain the mechanical equipment
  • Perform necessary repairs to the filtration systems and tank itself
  • Advise you on feeding and environmental considerations to keep your tank healthy
  • Provide prompt and reliable service.

500 Gallon Hexagon

500 Gallon Hexagon
Tanks don't have to be rectangular.  This 500 gallon flat back hexagon tank is decorated with live-like artificial coral.
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