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Research and Commercial

Large commercial and research installations require exacting attention to detail.  All systems must work perfectly.  The water in each tank must be chemically perfect for the specimens or livestock to thrive.

Aquarius Aquarium's 30+ years of experience is a necessity for these installations.  We know that your work depends on the quality of ours and we won't let you down.

No matter how many tanks you need, or how many different species they will house, Aquarius Aquariums will give you a perfect aquarium installation with custom filtration systems and more.

If you need your tanks to work for you, then we are  the people you need to talk to.

Water Panel Fountain

Water Panel Fountain
Is there anything more soothing than the music of water cascading over a waterfall?  We can design the perfect water feature for your living space that is as beautiful to behold as it is relaxing to hear.
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